for better

We convey ideas,
express values,
promote products.

We work with enthusiasm,
design with rigour.

To conquer
unexplored solutions.

Nike Genealogy of speed Book design
Gabriele Geminiani Canto figurato alla durata Catalogue
Colsam Epic China Visual identity
Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Le foglie a noi intorno Exhibition
UFN Visual identity
E-way Visual identity
E-way Visual identity
Iceberg Mineral water Visual identity and packaging
La Serenissima Catalogue
Antao Progetti Book design
UFN Milton Glaser Stamp
Typocraft Alphabet model
XI BJCEM San Marino Catalogue
UFN Stamps packaging
Fondo Palazzo Exhibition
UFN Visual identity
Aprés Repàs Pic nic system
Nike Genealogy of speed Book design
Titta Little bit cone little bit cup
FM Visual Identity
Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Per vasi comunicanti Catalogue
UFN Coins packaging
Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Restituzioni Catalogue
AntoineLoretta Visual identity
San Marino Coat of arms and visual identity
Spollo kitchen Poster
Jazz n swing Rimini festival Book design
UFN Republic of San Marino Tax Stamp
EXPO The street of the food
Rival Cicli Brochure
San Marino Becoming Visual Identity

for better

We are a visual-oriented design studio. We believe that ideas make a difference and the search for meaning is essential.

In our relentless quest for expression, limits are an opportunity, simplicity, a conquest: it shapes the light, pleasant, human artifacts that brighten up our day.

Our encompassing understanding of needs and the contamination of languages allows us to generate unconventional solutions.



Iceberg / Gilmar
La Galvanina
Gruppo Sintesi
La Serenissima
Banca Sammarinese di Investimento
Bank of San Marino
Telecom San Marino
Republic of San Marino
UFN San Marino
San Marino Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery
Office for Social and Cultural Activities San Marino
City of Riccione
Public authorities
Expo Milano
Triulza Foundation
National Association of San Marino Industry
Renata Tebaldi Foundation
Professional firms
Antao projects
BNM law firm
Maiani Giordani and Associates
Sartoria Communication
Massimiliano Raggi architect
Private activities
Major Car and Yacht
Ixò Hotel, Café, Bistrò

Publications & Exhibitions